20 Jan 2014

My Teeny Tiny Faces Haul!

Hello friends,

If you are in my Facebook, you might have known about my small Faces Cosmetics haul. If not, let me share it with you all now.

Well, I went to the phoenix mall and saw an empty Faces outlet (it is so small. Almost like a corner studio). Some sweepers were sweeping the entrance and a security guard was standing. I asked them if they are open as this is the first time I am seeing their outlet in Chennai. The lady said that the shop is not open yet but another man (the store in charge) came forward and invited me in. He told me that I was their first customer.

I am superstitious in such things. Though I did not plan any purchase there, as he said that I was their first customer, I made a mental decision to buy something from that shop. So I started browsing the eye shadows. "P" suddenly became sweet (Now that's suspicious) and asked me to pick up two eye shadows.

While choosing, the Stores Manager said that there was an offer by which I can buy 5 eye shadow singles for just INR. 500/-. He also helped me pick up the other three. I was happy and left with 5 eye shadows at a price of two.!!!

Before proceeding to show you all the colours and swatches let me tell you that the eye shadows have surprisingly good pigmentation and feel silky smooth. They blend well and are really a steal.

This is what I got.

NSH005 – It is a gorgeous champagne color from their shimmer cream eye shadow range.
FES 00175 – Satin finish champagne colored powder eye shadow.
FES00125 – Pretty berry colored eye shadow in pearl finish. No obvious shimmer. (I think I have a similar shade but with little shimmer from Inglot) 
FES00247 – True matte medium brown.
FES00262 – Grey blue with loosely packed silver shimmer (color looks different in the picture)

So what say girls??? Are they nice??

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