23 Jan 2014

Stubborn Stains on the Fabrics you love? Try these tips

How to Remove Lotion Stains from Fabric
Body lotion, hair lotion and face lotion: good ones will leave your hair shining and your skin soft. But anyone who uses and loves lotion knows how easily it can end up somewhere it shouldn’t be – for example, your shirt, your carpet or your leather bag. Plus, the oily composition of lotion can make it seem like a bit of a challenge to remove. Desperately rubbing the stain with a tissue will only make matters worse and spread the mark, so the most important thing to remember is not to panic. Whether you can throw the fabric in the washing machine, or need to resort to alternative cleaning methods, take a note of these tricks to get rid of lotion stains as efficiently as possible.

Lotion on Shirts, Blouses and Trousers
If the garment with the lotion stain can be washed, then you will be safe applying this simple method to get rid of the stubborn mark. Treat the stain before washing using a stain removal product suited for the fabric or a liquid detergent, which you can work into the fabric by rubbing gently. Next, wash the clothing in your washing machine at the suggested temperature for the fabric on the label. Repeat the treatment if necessary before the clothes dry for even more efficient stain removal. If your stained clothing is dry clean only, treat the stain with a suitable stain remover before having it professionally cleaned.

Lotion on Carpet
Did you accidentally manage to get some lotion on your carpet? The first step is to scrape off any excessive lotion to keep it from spreading. Then apply baking soda or corn flour onto the stain, leaving it there to absorb the lotion for about 15 minutes. Vacuum-clean the carpet afterwards. If the stain is still visible, dampen it with a dry cleaning solvent and dab until the solvent is absorbed, then clean the area with water and dab it again with a cloth to dry.

Lotion on Suede and Leather
It may be easier to take a stained suede or leather garment to the dry cleaner to take care of it! If you want to try removing lotion from suede or leather yourself, mix water with extra mild soap and apply the resulting foam to a sponge, dabbing the lotion stain before wiping it clean. If this doesn’t give you the result you want, test a dry cleaning solvent somewhere on the fabric to make sure it won’t do any harm, then apply it to the stain with a cloth and let it dry.

Lotion on Silk
Silk is an elegant, but highly sensitive fabric. Wipe away any excess lotion with a paper towel first, making sure you don’t spread the stain further. Then get yourself some talcum powder and sprinkle it on the mark, allowing it to sit overnight so that it can absorb any oils that have worked their way into the fabric. If you can still see the stain afterwards, apply dry cleaning solution with a cotton ball to the spot and let it soak for a couple of minutes, then take it off again with a clean cotton ball soaked in water. This should do the trick – why not give it a try?

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