18 Mar 2014

Dirty Works Bare Necessity Body Lotion Review

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I had reviewed Dirty Works Body butter some time back. I was super impressed with the results it shows on my dry skin. You can read the review here. So, when my current body lotion was getting over, I wanted to try Dirty works body lotion which was available on Medplusbeauty.com.

Dirty Works Bare Necessity Body Lotion Review, swatch

Company claims: This lightweight lotion will help to soothe and condition your skin from top to toe.

Packing: What I instantly loved about this product is the packing. It is not the same boring look which usual drug store brands have. It has a very fancy look though the basic packing is the good old plastic bottle with flip-open cap. 

Dirty Works Bare Necessity Body Lotion flip cap

The bottle is opaque and we cannot see how much product is left inside. It looks so chic with all those fancy fonts and writings on the bottle. It is quite travel friendly apart from that and the whole packing is very convenient to use.

Price: INR. 599/- for 300 ml. 
*Edit 20/03/2014: it is available with medplusbeauty.com for INR. 499/- 

It has a shelf life of 12 months.

Dirty Works Bare Necessity Body Lotion Review, claims and swatch

Usage directionsAfter showering or bathing, smooth this body lotion onto damp skin and massage gently until it absorbs. You will be feeling super moisturized in no time and ready to bare when you dare!

My experience:

The body lotion is  milky white and  thick with  a synthetic floral fragrance. The consistency is little thicker than a normal lotion. Unlike the body butter which I got from Dirty works, this is not at all irritating to my nose. Though the fragrance lingers for some time on my body after application, I don't mind it. Though they claim that this lotion is a light weight one, it does take some time to get absorbed into the skin. It does not feel greasy at all or causes sweat.

I love the supple and smooth feel it gives to my skin. The only problem is that we have to work on it to blend it which in turn aids in easy absorption. It takes at least two minutes to get fully absorbed.

It did not cause any irritation. It spreads and blends easily on damp skin. On dry skin also, I didn't find any problem to make it work. The effect lasts for the whole day and I need not re-apply this even if happen to sit in an air conditioned room.

It does not have any lightening or brightening effect or neither has any SPF. I love this body lotion a lot and would like to try out other products also from Dirty works.

Dirty Works Bare Necessity Body Lotion swatch review

Dirty Works Bare Necessity Body Lotion Freshly Applied on Skin

Dirty Works Bare Necessity Body Lotion
INR. 599/- for 300 ml
Moisturises the skin well
Lasts the whole day
Doesn't cause the skin to be greasy
Doesn't cause sweat
Nice cooling effect
Doesnt have irritating fragrance
Blends well and get absorbed fully
A little amount is needed for one time application
Did not irritate my skin
It requires time to get absorbed
No SPF or brightening effect
Contains Parabens
Availability in India

I love this body lotion and would love to purchase this again. 
I will give this a rating of 4/5. 
However, if I find a similar product with SPF, then I might prefer that one since I won't have to layer products on my skin.

Hope you girls liked my review. Have you tried this brand before? If so what is your favourite Products? Do share in the comment section. 

Nisha Tiwari. 

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