20 Mar 2014

MAC Prep + Prime Lip Base Review

Hello Friends,

I was not much of a lipstick person. I only had couple of neutral shades. But after I started blogging, especially during the recent couple of months, I started wearing lipsticks especially matte ones and glosses. It was then, I started looking for a lip base that protected my lips from dryness and helped the glosses/creamy ones stay put.

Couple of my friends suggested a lip fix kind of product that elongates the life of a lipstick. When I was talking about this with P, he thought it was a great idea to gift me one from MAC for my birthday.

MAC Prep + Prime Lip Base Review by Indian Makeup Blogger and Indian Beauty Blogger
Mac Pep + Prime Lip Base
What MAC Claims: A colour-free base to wear under lipstick. Adds light moisture, smoothes and refines the lips. Improves the appearance of applied lip products.

Packing: A glossy (with minute green and violet shimmers) black, thin elongated bullet. It comes encased in a similar glossy black carton box. In short it looks like a glamorous chap stick.

MAC Prep + Prime Lip Base packing image and Review by indian makeup blogger and indian beauty blogger
Mac Pep + Prime Lip Base
Color: Looks white in the bullet but on application, goes on transparent. It does not leave any sort of color or tint.

Texture: Chap Stick like, but not overly moisturizing.

Fragrance: MAC’s signature vanilla fragrance is very much present.

MAC Prep + Prime Lip Base complete review by Indian Beauty Blog
Mac Pep + Prime Lip Base
My Experience

I do not have excessive dry lips. My lips tend to feel dry and look dull when I continuously use lip products no matter how good they are. This lip base does not increase or in any way influence the staying power of the product. It provides nice, adequately moisturized lips so that lip products go on smoothly and evenly. It also retains the freshness of the product applied throughout the wear time of the product. 

It fills those lines and makes my lips well groomed. It helps in keeping creamy lip products stay put.

Usually, when I use a lip product especially creamy or glossy ones, the glossiness or creaminess wears off and the color remains. But with this, I can see that the glossiness/creaminess is retained for a much longer period.

Coming to matte lipsticks, my lips don’t feel parched dry after couple of hours of wear time like how it used to be.

My friend said that this lip base dries out her lips. But so far I have never faced any drying issues. As I said, my lips are not very dry.

It does enhance the appearance of lip products (all lip products look good on a nice canvas right?) but in no way helps to conceal the pigmentation. Mac has another product called lip erase which does this job.

Some people claim that with continuous usage it will reduce pigmentation but it is too early to comment on that. I will let you girls know once i have finished this bullet. 

I haven't put up any swatch pictures as it is just transparent and invisible. Yes not even remotely glossy. 

MAC Prep + Prime Lip Base Review by Indian Beauty Blog
Mac Pep + Prime Lip Base:This is a fully twisted bullet. 
MAC Prep + Prime Lip Base.
 INR. 1,050/- for 1.7 g.
What I like:
  • Neat and travel friendly packing.
  • Improves the appearance of lip products.
  • Creates an even and smooth base. No more tugging.
  • Lip products glides and apply evenly.
  • Retains the freshness of the lip product applied for a longer time.
  • Hydrating but not like a lip balm. Prevents excessive dryness.
  • Keeps lipsticks from feathering.
  • Little swipe is all you need. 

What I hate:
  • Does not work on pigmentation (it is quite early to claim as I am using it only for a few days).
  • Does not increase the longevity.
  • Bullet is fragile and slim making it prone to breakage.
  • Does not double up as a lip balm. For extreme mattes lip balm is very much needed.
  • Price is a pinch considering the quantity provided.
Indian Beauty Maniac’s Rating
I would have repurchased this if it had done something to make my lip products last longer. I know it does not claim to enhance the longevity but then i am not sure about spending Rs. 1000 just to retain the freshness and create a base. 
I will not repurchase as i would love to try other brands. Am eyeing kryolan next.
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