8 Mar 2014

Maniac's Summer Skin Treats - Green Gram Flour and its benefits for removing Skin Tan

Hello girls,

I am introducing a new series called Maniac’s Summer Skin Treats where I will be sharing tips that are known and tested for battling the hot summers.

For the first post, I am going to share with you all a wonderful ingredient that can be used to effectively battle skin tan – Green Gram Flour.

Green Gram Flour and its skin care benefits tan removal

In most of our Indian families, Green gram flour is considered as a very vital ingredient for glowing skin and is used on kids and elders alike. One of my aunts still uses this.

Green Gram Flour has lots of goodies attached to it.

It helps in reduction of skin tan.
It can be used with besan to discourage hair growth in our faces.
It is a wonderful exfoliant
And most importantly, it results in extremely smooth and glowing skin.  

I am not comfortable in substituting green gram in place of body wash or soap these days. I travel every day and my skin cannot live with just green gram. I need heavy duty cleansers. But if you predominantly stay indoors, you can substitute it in place of soap and you will be gifted with glowing skin.

If you are like me who travels frequently, use can use it as a post wash scrubber. I am using this as a post wash scrubber for almost a four months and my skin has become 10 times better. I have the habit of keeping my elbow on the table which has resulted in the skin around it to turn dark and rough. With continuous usage of this, my elbows have returned to normalcy. I have put up the current state of my elbows which is very good compared to how it was.

How to use it as a post bath scrub:

Mix Green Gram Flour, a pinch of kasturi turmeric and use milk to make it into a thick paste. Keep it aside and once you have cleansed your skin, apply it and scrub it like how you’d normally do with a body scrubber. The milk will soothe and moisturize while there is no better anti-bacterial agent than haldi. As you are adding only a pinch of it, your skin won’t turn yellow.  

Green Gram Flour and Haldi (Turmeric) for skin care

As it is a nice exfoliant, it will help with ingrown hairs and in removal of dead skin cells as well.

It helps so much with removal of tan.

It imparts nice and healthy glow to your skin. My complexion has got brighter and I am so in love with my skin now.

This is my elbow :P I know it is not perfect but it was worse earlier with so much pigmentation and dryness. I wish I had before and after images. 

You can also use it as a pack for discouraging hair growth:

Mix green gram flour, besan, few lemon juice drops (if you have oily skin or pigmentation issues). Make it into a thick paste using rose water or water. Apply it on your skin and let it dry. Once it dries, use little water to scrub it off. IF you have sensitive facial skin, don’t risk.

Hope you girls liked this post. Do share with me your opinion on this new segment and also your secrets for removing tan at home and getting a glowing skin in the comment section.  
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