27 Mar 2014

The Nature's Co Beauty Wish Box: March Gorgeous 9 to 5 - Review


The Nature's Co Beauty Wish Box March Gorgeous 9 to 5 review and contents

Yes I am a subscriber to The Nature’s Co Beauty wish box since December. I love Nature’s Co’s products. They smell heavenly and have never broke-out or irritated my unpredictable skin.

They create thematic beauty boxes. Every month there is a theme and we will get products relating to that theme. December box was winter special, January was post party pampering and February was Valentine’s Day. I love this concept as it lets us get a prior idea of what the products will be.  For March, it was Gorgeous 9 to 5.

Gorgeous 9 to 5 is aimed at working women.  The Natures co Beauty wish boxes come with 6 deluxe size samples and few vouchers. 6 deluxe size samples for INR. 595/-, that too from a brand like The Natures Co is a steal.

These are the products I got in my March – Gorgeous 9 to 5 box!

The Nature's Co Beauty Wish Box March Gorgeous 9 to 5 Contents and Review

Green Apple Lip Balm - 2.5ml

The Nature's Co Green Apple Lip Balm March Beauty wish box

I love the fragrance. It makes my lips soft without being oily or overly waxy. Love it.
Kiwi Hand and Nail cream - 20 ml

The Natures co Kiwi Hand and Nail Cream Beauty wish box March

Come on! I got the same one in my December beauty wish box! 

I don’t want to try out the same product.

That said, it is a nice product and moisturizes hands very well but I don’t like its fragrance.
Lemon Peel Body Lotion - 35ml

The Natures Co Beauty wish box March, Lemon peel body lotion

It makes my hands look and feel soft but it is not a heavily moisturizing lotion. 
Extremely light on skin and smells refreshing.
Marshmallow Day Cream – 15 ml

The Natures Co Marshmallow Day Cream in Beauty wish box March

I love this brand’s day creams. They are not greasy and do not irritate my skin and its fragrance.. Marshmallow!! <3 <3
Sandalwood Face Wash – 20 ml

The Natures Co Sandalwood face wash in Beauty Wish Box March

It smells very good. I am not a fan of heavy sandalwood fragrance but this one is very natural. It did not irritate or overly dry out my skin.
French Muguet Jasmine Body Mist - 
5ml vials - 2 No's

The Nature's Co French Muguet Jasmine Body Mist in Beauty wish box march

I run away from Jasmine’s. I can’t stand its fragrance. Headaches. I have taken half day off my work once as my co-worker had worn that flower. But this one is not intense at all. 

Extremely soothing and super mild. Much to my surprise, I love it.  

I have already thrown one vial into my bag. 
Kara Skin Wipes – 5 Nos

Kara Skin wipes in the Nature's Co Beauty wish box March edition

This was a complimentary product. Skin wipes are always good and useful.
Metal Nail File – 1 No

Metal Nail file

I don’t like metal nail files. It’s just a personal choice. Metal files seem cheap to me. I would have preferred those emery boards. It’s a complimentary product so I better keep my mouth shut.
Pink Pouch – 1 No

Very good quality. Has enough room to carry our daily travel essentials.

Spa voucher – 1 No
A 10 min “spa” session card that is valid for 3 months. They sent this complimentary card earlier as well. I will not use it.   

Discount Voucher – 1 No
25% off vouchers. Vouchers in beauty boxes are always useful.

What I like:

Samples are of decent quantity – Deluxe size samples.
All products were usable and easily available both at stores and online.
Love the discount voucher.
The packing is attractive and good.
Pocket friendly. You get soo many decent sized product samples.

What I did not like:

Kiwi hand cream sample is repeated. 
The face wash’s packing is not of good quality.  It got torn at the bottom and the face wash started oozing out. This is not just with this month’s box. I had similar experience with the Dec box as well.
I am not sure if anyone would go and redeem the spa voucher.

Indian Beauty Maniac’s Rating 4.5/5

Highly recommended for The Natures Co lovers.

I can’t wait to subscribe for the next month which is a Summer Solstice Special box.

The Beauty wish box can be subscribed here.  (INR. 595/- for 1 month, INR. 1,645/- for 3 months, INR. 3,215/- for 6 months and INR. 5,950/- for 12 months)

Hope you girls loved my review. Have you tried The Nature's Co Beauty Wish box? If so how did you feel about it? Do share in the comment section below. 

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