23 Apr 2014

Optimals White Oxygen Boost Night Cream for Normal - Combination Skin - Review

Hello friends,

I am using Oriflame Optimals White Oxygen Boost range for my skin care currently. I had already reviewed the face wash here. I liked it very much. It treats minor pigmentation issues very well.

Optimals White Oxygen Boost Night Cream for Normal to Combination Skin review

In line with that, I am going to review the Optimals White Oxygen Boost Night Cream today. 

What Oriflame Claims:

Optimals White Oxygen Boost Night Cream for Normal to Combination Skin review swatch


Optimals White Oxygen Boost Night Cream for Normal to Combination Skin Ingredients list

My Experience:

I am not keen on skin lightening properties but I do have some pigmentation issues that I would like to resolve.

It comes packed in a heavy glass tub with blue lid. Glass jar is not something most of us would feel comfortable travelling with.

Like the cleanser from this range, I felt that warm feeling while working this product into my skin.

It has an artificial sharp fragrance. It lingers for a while and I did not like it.

The texture of the cream confused me. Though it looks creamy and thick, it is quite watery and totally non-oily.

Due to its watery texture, the cream spreads well and gets easily absorbed into my skin.

On my first use, though my skin looked brighter and fresh, I found the hydration to be inadequate. My skin did not feel dry but it did not feel hydrated either. As one day is quite too early to judge a product like this, I used it religiously for a week.

After one week of usage, my skin did not feel the lack of hydration as it felt after single use. My skin felt well hydrated supple and healthy. The complexion looked brighter but there was no visible or noticeable change in the pigmentation.

Optimals White Oxygen Boost Night Cream for Normal to Combination Skin
After two weeks of usage, I started noticing visible reduction in the pigmentation I had. My skin started feeling fresh and I actually wore my makeup without any moisturizer on. I was so surprised. All I used to prime my skin was my Lotus Sunscreen. My face did not feel stretchy or dry. The foundation/makeup started looking even more perfect. Only then I realized how important having perfect skin is.

I Started using it along with the facewash, toner, day cream after two weeks and I looove the effect it has on my skin.

As I said, my skin does not feel the need of heavy duty moisturizers and I can use even my mousse foundation with ease.

Though it easily treats minor marks and pigmentation's, it does take time in treating stubborn ones. I guess all skin care needs diligent two months usage to treat pigmentation's.

I tried this cream only on me. So I don’t think I can comment on its effect on mature skin or wrinkles.

It did not irritate or cause breakouts.

True to its claim, it helps tremendously in fighting the effects of pollution by gently clarifying the skin.

Optimals White Oxygen Boost Night Cream for Normal to Combination Skin Swatch

Optimals White Oxygen Boost Night Cream for Normal-Combination Skin
INR. 699/- for 50ml

What I like:
Hydrates without feeling oily.
Nice texture.
Improves skin’s suppleness
Brightens and evens out the skin tone.
Works on pigmentation.
Did not irritate my skin.
This 50ml pack will come a long way.
Comes with an information leaflet
What I hate:
Not free from chemicals.
You need to find an oriflame rep to get it.

Indian Beauty Maniac’s Rating

A decent Night cream that’s worth the price. I love the way it clarified and improved the quality of my skin. Works even better when used along with other products from this range.

Highly Recommended.

 Have you used any Oriflame Skin Care products? If so share your favorites.
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*Product sent by brand. But it has not affected my opinion.


  1. Rajalakshmi Murali23 April 2014 at 12:10

    @Nisha General night creams will not help much with mild wrinkles or lines. For that you need to try creams labelled for them. Loreal, olay etc are good for treating wrinkles and has anti-ageing properties whereas this one is a clarifying one.

  2. Sounds good, i love oriflame product :)

  3. Sounds quite decent as u said! Its so difficult to get night cream for oily skin and if a cream does even half a job I am very happy :) Nicely reviewed :)

  4. Looks like a good try...I have tried an aloe vera toner from Oriflame and it was quite good


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