21 May 2014

Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer - Review

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Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer
Kryolan Eye-Shadow Primer
When I started using the eye shadows, especially the MUA and Maybelline ones, I noticed that by noon the eye shadows have creased or become patchy due to uneven fading. In both cases, it ended up looking horrible and I have to take out my wet wipes to remove it off.

I was not too keen on splurging on brands that unavailable in India (or available at exorbitant price tags). That was when I received this eyeshadow base from Kryolan as a budday present. I could not be more grateful.

After using it for two months, I decided to review it.

Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer
Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer - Packing
Kryolan is a brand that needs to introduction. I love this brand so much and they make amazing products at very modest price tags.

This eyeshadow base comes in a tube packing with a narrow nozzle. It comes encased in a carton box that is quite common with almost all the Kryolan products.


Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer
Kryolan Eye-Shadow Primer - About

Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer Ingredients
Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer Ingredients
Price: INR. 750/- for 15 ml.

The eyeshadow base is sheer.

The texture is very easy to spread and blend. Only a tiny amount (as shown) is required for each eye. As it is devoid of any color, it does not influence the color of the eye shadows.

Due to its gel-like waxy texture, the eye shadows cling to it easily and look vibrant and well packed.

Despite its texture, it does not feel heavy on my lids. Glitter eye shadows and pigments seem to adhere well to this base.

It stops creasing and makes the eyeshadows last longer. When I use my MUA or Maybelline eyeshadows without a base, I get an average staying power of 4-5 hours and if it the climate is humid, it will crease by noon. But on top of this base, it stays put throughout the day.

Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer Nozzle
Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer - Nozzle
There is a mild fading by the end of the day (6 PM) but nothing noticeable. My eyeshadows looked vibrant and fresh. There is no creasing or melting. I use this base on my lower lash line when I am going for this heavy kohled eye look. It retains the color well.

I did not have any problem in blending the eye-shadows on top of this. The only problem I might say about this is it is sheer. So you cannot double it as a base to cover your visible veins or other imperfections.

I have swatched couple of eyeshadows from my accessorize palette. 
Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer
Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer 
Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer used with accessorize eyeshadows
Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer under Accessorize Eye Shadows
 Indian Beauty Maniac’s Rating
 One more hit from Kryolan.! It has become a staple in my every day makeup. Highly recommended. I will definitely repurchase.

Have you tried the eye-shadow base from Kryolan? If so how did you like it?

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