16 Jul 2014

Burst of Happyness What a Girl Wants - Hand Made Facial Cleanser Review

Burst of Happyness What a Girl Wants facial cleanser

I love natural, preservative free products for my face and summers made my skin a little sticky in the T-Zone. Today, I am back with a Burst of Happyness cleanser designed for combination skin. You might have read how I was smitten by the face cleanser I got from them (if not, do read it here).

What a girl wants is a handmade clay based cleanser for oily and combination skin.

Price: INR. 380/- for 100 g.

It is packed in a similar white colored plastic tub packing. I don’t have any problems with the packing because, I don’t share my skin care products and I use a wooden ice-cream spoon to pick up the product.

Burst of Happyness What a Girl Wants facial cleanser

I am a sucker for those exotic, soothing fragrances like tea-tree, lavender etc. This one smells predominantly of tea-tree oil and lavender. It smells luxurious and makes me feel as if I am in the middle of an herbal spa.

The ingredients are rhassoul clay, veg. glycerine, jojoba oil, rose petals, essential oils of lavender and tea tree.

Rhassoul clay is a gentle cleansing agent used in lots of luxurious spa therapies across the world. It is said to be used by ancient Egyptians as a cleanser for hair and skin. It is known for improving the texture of skin. It also helps to combat dryness. It also aids in skin regeneration. It is said to be used for the past 2000 years. WOW!

It also comes in a powder/chunk form and needs to be diluted with water before use. When I diluted this one, I found it little harder to work with. But once I started scrubbing it against my skin, it started spreading evenly without falling out in chunks.

Burst of Happyness What a Girl Wants facial cleanser

It was not harsh and did not irritate my skin. I can now make a happy declaration that this is the first product with tea-tree oil that did not irritate my skin. It felt gentle yet proved effective in giving me a squeaky clean feel.

My skin felt refreshed, soft and looked very bright. I did not get any heavy acne breakouts. As my skin was already in a good shape, I did not have any active acne to tell about how it helped me in clearing it. But it did help me in keeping my pores clear and my whiteheads formation was not in much vigor as it used to be which speaks volumes about its cleansing properties.

Another thing worth mentioning is, this 100gm pack lasts for a month easily which makes it pocket-friendly to a great extent.

Burst of happiness seems to be a brand that values opinion of its customers. Last time, I had written that it would prove highly beneficial if the customer was sent an email informing the dispatch of the order. This time, I received an email about the dispatch (along with the tracking number) and my products arrived in just 3 day’s time.

I am an extremely sensitive person. I find it disappointing and disrespectful when owners show attitude by not telling the date by which the order will be ready and responding vaguely to queries put up by people who had paid for the order.

I had no such problems with Burst of Happyness. The owner happens to be someone who knows how to maintain a relationship with her customers which for me is a biiiiiiiig thing.

Burst of Happyness What a Girl Wants facial cleanser

Okay. Let me now jump to what I love and hate about What a Girl Wants:

What I Love:
  1. Vegan and Natural.
  2. Soothing and exotic fragrance.
  3. Cleanses my skin well without drying it out.
  4. Very good ingredients.
  5. Easy to use.
  6. Doubles up as a mild every-day scrub
  7. Washes off easily and does not leave any residue behind.
  8. Justifies the price paid.
  9. Did not irritate my acne-prone skin.
  10. Customer-friendly merchant.
  11. Ships worldwide promptly.
  12. They send generous samples with  orders.

What I hate:
  1. I have nothing to hate personally but I do think people with extremely oily skin might need something more.

Highly recommended. My friend had bought their products and she just cannot stop from praising them. Do give it a try.

Indian Beauty Maniac’s Rating

You can order from their website here  or from their facebook page here  

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