10 Jul 2014

FabIndia Lemon Grass Facial Spray - Review

Hello friends,

I picked up this facial spray from FabIndia on a hot summer afternoon. It looked soothing and smelled wonderful.

FabIndia Lemon Grass Facial Spray

It comes in a weightless plastic bottle with a spray dispenser. I love to keep such facial mists in my handbag and use them when I am out and about on a sunny day. In Chennai, there is no dearth of sunny days. So facial mists are a must have for me.


FabIndia Lemon Grass Facial Spray

FabIndia Lemon Grass Facial Spray


Lemongrass oil is used in aroma therapy. It is said to have skin firming and astringent properties and it is said to be anti-bacterial.

This facial mist is calm and soothing against my skin. It smells wonderful. It does not dry out or irritate my skin like a typical astringent. I have dry skin that is prone to irritation.

FabIndia Lemon Grass Facial Spray

The product is very mild and it does not prove effective in removing the remnant cleanser and dirt like how a typical toner does. I don’t find this as a con because most of the effective toners leave my skin dry. 

I did not get any firming sensation like how i experienced with other toners which proves that this product is nothing beyond a skin refresher.

I use it after washing my face, to blend out the foundation, to wet my buffing/blending brush to blend the base makeup and I also keep it in my bag to use as a refreshing spray.

It works well and does not make my face sticky or oily. It keeps my skin looking refreshed and smooth.

I don’t think this product will prove to be beneficial to oily skinned ladies. It is a decent product for refreshing your skin without being sticky and for blending makeup.

I am already in my second bottle and for me, it is a great change from the regular rose water.  

FabIndia Lemon Grass Facial Spray

 Indian Beauty Maniac’s Rating

Do you have the habit of carrying such sprays with you on a day out? 

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