28 Jul 2014

Faces Cosmetics Singles Eye shadow in FES00252 (Light Khaki Brown) Review

I went to faces counter at EA to check out couple of lipsticks and eye shadows. Much to my delight they had lots of everyday matte shades. Guess what?? I ended up buying 5 eye shadows and 2 lipsticks. I got three matte shades and two shimmery shades. All the shades I purchased are wearable and well pigmented.

Today I will be reviewing a gorgeous matte khaki brown color. It is extremely wearable and for my skin tone, it is a beautiful n*de shade. It is so great for those MEBB (My Eyes But Better :D ) looks. I conceal my eyes and pat this shade all over the lids and with a coat of mascara, my eyes look so pretty in a “no makeup” way.

Faces cosmetics singles eyeshadow in Khaki Brown FES00252

I don’t know why, but I am in this phase where we end up breaking anything and everything. I accidentally broke my half-used Bourjois primer bottle; my brand new NYX eyeshadow which I ordered online came all broken and bruised. To top it all, I dropped this eyeshadow and broke it too. *sniff* *sniff*
Packing: It comes in a (annoyingly) sturdy plastic compact case. The lid is soooooooo tight that i dropped the eyeshadow in an attempt to open it. It comes sealed in a thin plastic wrap. 

Faces cosmetics singles eyeshadow in Khaki Brown FES00252
Color: As I had mentioned above, it is a gorgeous light khaki brown eyeshadow. It looks extremely flattering for those simple clean winged eyeliner looks. This color is close to my heart and I am using it almost every day to work.

Pigmentation: This is what surprised me the most. The pigmentation is very good. Considering the color, I expected it to be chalky and sheer. But it feels rich and pigmented.

Texture: The texture of the eyeshadow is finely milled, silky and soft. It breaks at the slightest disturbance and is a pleasure to use. The eyeshadow blends like a dream and has no fallouts.

It is slightly darker than my skin tone. I use it to blend out a black liner for those quick smokey eye looks and to simply create a clear, well concealed lid so that my winged liner shows through in all its glory.

Faces cosmetics singles eyeshadow in Khaki Brown FES00252

The eyeshadow is not chalky at all.

Staying power: On its own, it stays put for about 3-4 hours beyond which it fades to nothing. It does not melt or settle into the lines. But almost all eye shadows need a primer to keep it in place. When used along with my Kryolan primer, it stays put till I remove it.

The thing about Faces cosmetics single eye shadows is you cannot judge the quality by trying a single shade. It varies a lot. I have around 10 eyeshadow singles from them and they all are of decent quality. You must swatch the shades before you buy.

As I have quite a lot of tiny veins on my eyelids (which people hardly notice), such shades are a must have especially when I am going for those only mascaras or winged liner looks.

As the shade is close to my skin tone, this is the best swatch i can come up with. :) 

Faces cosmetics singles eyeshadow in Khaki Brown FES00252

Faces cosmetics singles eyeshadow in Khaki Brown FES00252

What I Like:

  1. Gorgeous matte brown shade.
  2. Good quality and texture.
  3. Good pigmentation.
  4. Decent staying power.
  5. Pocket friendly.
  6. Easily available.
What I Hate:

  1. Due to their texture, these eye shadows are very fragile.
  2. They don't have names. Only product codes and I hate it. 
Indian Beauty Maniac’s Rating4.5/5

Did I mention that I got it at INR. 100/- ?? Yup! I got 5 eye shadows at just INR.500/-. Isn’t that a steal? Even at their full price, I personally feel that this particular eyeshadow is worth even the full price. We all need that perfect n*de brown eyeshadow right?

Do keep an eye for offers in your local Faces Cosmetics counter. It is a steal. 

Have you tried these eye shadows before?

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