22 Jul 2014

MAC Prolong Wear Lip Crème Love Forever - Review

MAC Prolong Wear Lip Crème Love Forever Review and Swatch

It is a long story, how I got hold of this lipstick. I had seen the reviews of this lipstick when I was hunting for a perfect pink lipstick and fell in love with the color. I called the MAC stores in the city to find out it was unavailable. Only the third store which I called had it in stock. The MUA told that only one piece is available so I had to rush. The next day was a holiday so I didn't waste my time and landed at the store.  The MUA who attended my call previous day was not there so his colleague started searching for that one last piece which was in stock. Surprisingly, despite the product being so much in demand and not available in stock most of the times, the MAC MUA's were not so familiar about it. This guy went on searching and finally gave up telling probably the last piece was also sold out. Then suddenly the MUA who attended my call entered the store and found the piece that was reserved for me. When I asked for a tester, he said that they don’t have tester and I had to either buy the fresh piece or forget about it. I decided to take the plunge and bought it. :D

MAC Prolong Wear Lip Crème Love Forever swatches and review
MAC Prolong Wear Lip Crème Love Forever
MAC Claims:

Lightweight texture, creamy finish and comfortable long wear combine in this has-it-all pro-class lip color. Slick in use, applies without need of a top coat- and still lasts up to 12 hours. Won't feather or transfer, and the color stays true. Helps lips stay soft and hydrated.

According to MAC, the color of Love Forever is a bright blue pink

The packing:

It comes in a long cylindrical holder unlike the usual MAC lipsticks. But the holder is same classy black colored one with silver lettering. The shade name is printed at the bottom of the holder. The lipstick doesn't have that pointed bullet shape as that of the usual MAC lipsticks. This has a round shaped flat cross section. But like all MAC lipsticks, this one also has that vanilla fragrance which is really pleasant to the nose.

MAC Prolong Wear Lip Crème Love Forever swatches and review
MAC Prolong Wear Lip Crème Love Forever
Price: Rs. 1500 for 3.6 g.

My take on the product:

Love Forever is a bright fuchsia pink which will suit almost all skin tones. It is very creamy and highly pigmented. It turns opaque in a single swipe and camouflages pigmentation on lips. Due to its long staying power and matte texture, it is a bit drying after a couple of hours. So, moisturized healthy lips are a must. Despite the texture, it doesn't settle into the fine lines or accentuates the lines on lips.

MAC Prolong Wear Lip Crème Love Forever swatches and review
MAC Prolong Wear Lip Crème Love Forever
This is one lipstick that stays put until you remove it. Even while removing you need to be really careful since it has a tendency to stain the area around the lips. This one doesn't fade away even after few snacks and full meals during the wear-time. It does transfer to some extent but the color doesn't wear off. It fades a little after full meals and leaves a stain on the lips. The color never goes off completely. You need a good makeup remover to remove the stain from your lips. It doesn't melt or bleed even in the hottest weather.

MAC Prolong Wear Lip Crème Love Forever swatches
MAC Prolong Wear Lip Crème Love Forever - Swatch
The pros:
  1. Intensely pigmented
  2. No irritating fragrance
  3. Shade compliments all skin tones
  4. Long wear time
  5. Doesn't bleed or melt
  6. Doesn't feather or settle into fine lines
  7. Applies evenly without tugging or pulling
  8. Opaque enough to camouflage pigmentation on the lips
  9. Withstands all meals and drinks

The Cons:
  1. Not easily available even in cities with MAC stores.
  2. Price is higher.
  3. Removing is a bit difficult. 

On my lips:

MAC Prolong Wear Lip Crème Love Forever 
Indian Beauty Maniac's Rating

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Nisha V

About Nisha: Nisha is a software professional who loves makeup. She is a lipstick hoarder and occasionally blogs here at Beautifying you

My comments: This is such a pretty pink. I remember those days where you kept bugging me about "blue based pinks" :D The staying power is amazing. I guess i will look for a n*de shade in this range. :D 

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