5 Jul 2014

Real Techniques Your Eyes enhanced Starter Kit Review


Today I will be reviewing the Real Techniques eye starter set for you all. I got it as my birthday present in the month of March 2014. Since then I have been using it on a regular basis. We all know how real techniques is cruelty free so i am not going to mention about the material and stuffs. You can read all about it in their website. 

It comes along with a travel case (with space for keeping few more brushes) and I threw the outer cover long back.

Real Techniques Your Eyes enhanced Starter Kit Review

The set contains the following five brushes:

Base Shadow Brush
Deluxe Crease Brush
Accent Brush
Pixel Point Eyeliner Brush and
Brow Brush

This review will be from a beginner perspective.


Real Techniques base shadow brush

It picks and applies eye shadows very well and at times I even use to mildly blend it in especially when I am using a neutral eyeshadow. It packs eye shadows very well despite its fairly fluffy appearance.  Due to its shape, I find it easy to apply eyeshadows on the inner corner.


Real Techniques Deluxe crease brush

Real Techniques deluxe crease brush

This is very soft, fluffy and well packed. It Blends eye shadows effortlessly and imparts a very nice finish. But unfortunately it is too big for my eyes. May be I am using it all wrong. I am yet to get used to it. I use it occasionally to blend eyeshadows but, it fails as a crease brush.


Real Techniques accent brush

I love this brush. It does a great job in applying eyeshadows precisely on my lower lash line and for applying highlighters on the inner corners. I also love to use this brush when I want a diffused messy kohled eyes look. It is small compared to the other brushes in this kit.


Real Techniques pixel point eyeliner brush

At the first sight of this brush, I was like “wow its too thick and big for applying eyeliners” but after using it few times, I can say that it works wonderfully for lining the upper lash line. I use it along with gel liners and cream eyeshadows. Due to the shape of the brush it does a great job in applying it evenly on my upper lash line.

As i mentioned earlier, i threw away the case and relied on e-commerce sites for the exact names of the brushes. I came to know that pixel point eyeliner brush (which was supposedly thicker than this one) has been replaced by a comparatively thinner fine liner brush


Real Techniques brow brush

Real Techniques brow brush

It is the most frequently used brush in the entire kit. I use it to smudge the eye brow pencil throughout my brows. Works well. Picks brow powers really well and does a great job. It is quite thick so you cannot double it for lining the lower lashline. I prefer thin and smaller angular brush for that. 

After my first use, I was quite disappointed that they were nothing magically but for being soft against my skin. I half expected them to magically transform my messy eye shadows into perfectly done ones.  After I started fine-tuning my application skills I can say that I am quite happy with my purchase.  

Real Techniques Your Eyes enhanced Starter Kit Review

Real Techniques Your Eyes enhanced Starter Kit Review

The brushes are of good quality and I did not face any shedding issues.

Overall a decent and thoughtfully made brush set. It is priced at around $18 but it was purchased during offer from amazon.

Indian Beauty Maniac’s Rating

I am eyeing the expert face brush now. Have you tried any Real Techniques Brushes?? If so do share your opinion with me.

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