24 Aug 2014

Michael Todd True Organics Milk + Honey Firming Mask - Full Review

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You might have read my first impressions post on Michael Todd True Organics Milk and Honey firming Mask here. This will be the complete review of the same.

Michael Todd True Organics Milk and Honey Firming Mask

What the brand has to say about the product:

Are you ready to hear those wonderful words: "Your skin looks so fresh and young. What did you do to get that glow?"

Milk and honey are known to be wholesome and healthy foods. So it makes perfect sense to add the two together for the perfect facial mask. The reason they work so perfectly together is the complimentary benefits they provide for the skin. The milk exfoliates and loosens dead skin cells and dryness from the lactic acid it contains. Honey on the other hand acts as one of the best natural moisturizers there is along with our patent-pending Aloemax juice and other nourishing ingredients like mango and shea butters.

You will see a noticeable difference in smoothness, texture and a glow that may have dulled over time and you didn’t think you could get back. Are you ready to give it a try?

Formulated for all skin types and especially for sensitive skin.  100ml / 3.4 fl oz100 ml / 3.4 fl oz

As the story goes, Cleopatra and many other women in history often bathed in milk due to its exfoliating properties and its amazing ability to renew skin cells. Our Milk and Honey firming mask does just that. It is a luxuriously nourishing mask formulated with milk protein and malic acid to exfoliate dead skin cells gently, along with our patented aloemax juice and nourishing ingredients like mango butter, shea butter to soothe and moisturize skin.

Kaolin Clay firms and tones the skin, while honey clarifies, brightens and leaves your toned and refreshed. Sensitive skin types, this is the mask you’ve been waiting for. Not only is it effective, but extremely gentle.

Michael Todd True Organics Milk and Honey Firming Mask

What the product claims:

Going by the description, we can understand that this product is aimed at mature and dull skin. It claims to make the skin smooth and improve the texture and glow.

Price: $31.99/- for 100 ml. (approx: INR. 1,900/-)


The very first thing that I noticed with this face mask is its functional packing. It comes with a pump-dispenser. Initially I made the mistake of pressing the pump thrice as I thought two pumps will not be sufficient for my face. But the product surprisingly spreads well and two pumps are what I require to cover my face.

Michael Todd True Organics Milk and Honey Firming Mask

I am using this product for around a month now. I use it once in two-three days. The texture of the product is smooth and it is such a pleasure to spread on the skin. Though I use it once more than once in a week, I never felt my skin to be dry. It felt highly nourished and smooth.

The mask takes 15-20 minutes to dry completely and I did not feel any stretchy feeling as it dried on my skin like the conventional clay based masks. I would not call this a “deep cleansing” mask because I find it little too mild for my preferences.

Firming of Skin and Visibility of pores:

Coming to the firming claim, the mask does impart a nice firm feel to the skin without making it feel too dried out the way multani mitti does. It shrinks pores and imparts a visible difference. I would not say that it erased my pores. But yes. I noticed visible difference. This is the immediate effect the mask had on my skin.


It washes off easily and it does not provide any physical exfoliation as you remove due to its texture. It will be little disappointing to those who wish to use their face mask removing sessions to exfoliate their skin.

Tan and pigmentation:

After couple of uses, I noticed that my skin felt smooth and looked radiant. Everyone remarked that I looked healthy and happy. It also did a great job in removing the tans and some mild to moderate acne scars and pigmentations.

I have pimple prone combination skin that gets dry in winters and little oily in summers. I am 25. So I cannot really classify my skin as “mature” yet. Of late my skin had lost its glow due to the change of seasons and hectic work schedule and this product came as a savior in restoring my skin’s health.

Effect on Whiteheads:

Coming to the downside, this mask had little effect on whiteheads. As I said before, it is not a deep cleansing mask.

Effect on Pimples:

As for the pimples, though this mask did not have any effect on active acne, I felt that pimples were not as frequent as they used to be.

Another thing is that, my skin has become noticeably oily these days. I have combination skin that required no special primers. Makeup stayed quite well. But these days despite using good primers like L’Oreal and bourjois, I find my face looking oily by 2-3 PM. It is early monsoon here but I remember well that last year my skin was not this oily during the summer-monsoon days. I don’t know if I can attribute this occurrence to the mask.

According to me, the mask may not be suitable for oily skinned women.

Michael Todd True Organics Milk and Honey Firming Mask

Now listing down the likes and dislikes before moving on to the rating.

What I Liked:
  1. Comfortable packing.
  2. Smooth texture of the mask.
  3. Feels soothing and gentle against the skin.
  4. Imparts a healthy glow and does what it claims.
  5. Keeps skin looking clear though it does not help with active acne.
  6. Can be used 2-3 times a week. Does not dry out the skin.
  7. Shrinks pores.
  8. Removes tan and pigmentation. 
  9. Nice fragrance.
  10. 70% Organic.
  11. Suitable for sensitive skin.

What I don’t like:
  1. Cannot be doubled up as an exfoliator.
  2. Costly.
Indian Beauty Maniac’s Rating 
3/5 (-1 for its non-availability in India and -1 for the price)

I love this product. The best face mask I have ever tried for tans and pigmentation. It made my skin look radiant and healthy. It is organic and great for detoxing your skin. But yes.. I am not some one who shells out around 2000 rupees on a face mask. Not that it is not worth the money. It does wonders on my skin. But 2000 rs face mask is an indulgence. Since I don't have mature skin, I am not able to comment on its effect on minor wrinkles etc. 

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Highly recommended if you don't mind the price!

Hope you girls found my review useful.

*Product sent by brand for review. But it has not influenced my opinions and thoughts. Read the complete disclaimer policy here

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