22 Sep 2014

Safetykart.com: Protect, Prevent and Care!

Hello friends,

I got a chance to review the e-commerce site known as safetykart.com. I was intrigued by the name and browsed it only to find that it is quite different from the regular e-commerce sites. Read on to know what makes this site different.

Safetykart.com Home Page


We believe that safety is a necessity, not an option.

Safetykart.com is an online destination that brings all your safety needs to one singular place. With an unwavering dedication to damage prevention and control. We created this platform with a vision to provide easy access to world class safety products that can be delivered to you with just a click.

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My Experience:

Safetykart.com pepper spray

Safetykart.com specializes in defense, safety and hygiene products. Of course, they also sell skin care. You can buy everything from Fire Extinguishers to camping survival kits here.

The home page is welcoming and simple with clear, easily accessible icons for navigation. Searching for a product and logging in is very easy.

After adding the products to the cart, a simple, user friendly payment gateway helped me to finish my purchase.

Things that make safetykart.com special and unique:

They have a dedicated space catering to,
  • Personal care – Supplements, Bath & Body etc
  • Women and child – Self Defense products, products for new mum and child.
  • Travel – Travel adapters, Chargers, sanitizers, travel emergency kits etc.
  • Home & Office – Fire Extinguishers, Alarms, CCTV etc
  • Sports and Adventure – Survival gears, ropes, helmets, rug sacks etc.
  • Cases & Covers – Water proof pouches for your electronic gadgets, scientific equipment's etc

They have pepper sprays in all sizes. Key chain sprays, pocket sized etc. Considering the state of our society, it is very good.

Apart from Debit Card/Credit Cards, payments can be made via NEFT and Cheque.

Has a live chat window wherein we can shoot out our questions and requirements in case of difficulty in browsing for a product.

Free Shipping on all orders. Yup! No minimal cost.

Products are priced well and there are discounts and offers too!

I placed my order on Friday morning and received them by Saturday Evening. How cool is that?!

They ship via JAVAS and not through the regular courier service. For those who don’t know, JAVAS provide logistics services to e-commerce sites alone unlike the normal professional and DTDC. So, their service will be good with minimal risk of products getting stolen etc. Apart from these, you will be sent SMS regarding the shipment as well.

I got the following products:

Safetykart.com haul

Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer:

I wanted to buy a toilet seat sanitizer so much and was not able to spot one. Glad that I found it here and it was priced at Rs. 100/-. Travel friendly packing. Must have!

Lacto-Calamine Anti Ageing cream:

I gave it to my mum! She is excited to try it. Will keep you all updated on this.

Lacto-Calamine face-wash and lotion:

I am not sure about the face-wash as I don’t intend to use it. But the lacto calamine lotion has become a HG product for me this summer. It helped me keep my face clear and I already have a huge bottle. This one will come in handy during travels. J


Safetykart.com packing

Indian Beauty Maniac’s Rating

Safetykart has a wide range of products, excellent packing, shipping and returns policy. If you are looking for self-defense or hygiene products, do check this website. They are very good!

Highly recommended.

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