11 Sep 2014

Tips to get the best out of your epilating session

Hello friends,

It has been a while since I wrote such posts. Work has been heavy and hence no time for other activities. Anyways, I am back now and will try to be as regular as possible.

Today’s post is going to be about how to live with using an epilator. Yup you read it right.!

Tips for hair removal using epilator

I hate waxing or visiting salons. Almost 90% of the waxing sessions i tried ended up causing so much pain, redness etc. Some how the universally raved method of hair removal did not suit me. 

Whenever I tell my friends that my preferred method of hair removal is epilating, the most common question is “how can you withstand the pain”. As the quantum of such questions increased, I decided to share some tips which I follow to make the whole process of epilating a smooth and happy journey!

  1. First and foremost tip is, do not epilate if you hair is lengthy. Waxing requires certain amount of hair growth in terms of length whereas, epilating does not! Epilating works well in short hair and stubble. Long hair will result in pain as the process of epilating is nothing but tweezing. So, if the hair growth is lengthy enough for a successful waxing session, it is better to razor it off first and epilate after two days. Once you have epilated, it takes around four weeks for re-growth and now you know when to epilate. :D
  2. Make sure your skin is dry: This tip is only for those who use dry epilators like me. Make sure your skin is devoid of any moisturizers, creams and dampness. Any such product will make the hair removal painful. Wipe your skin well with a towel. If you plan to epilate in the middle of the day, use dry tissues to remove any oiliness or moisture and powder your skin adequately.
  3. Next tip is, make sure your epilator comes with a “skin guard”. If not, do not press the head of the epilator into your skin. Epilator head has no business coming into contact with your skin. It needs to be bought close enough to catch the base of the hair. Pressing or rubbing it against the skin will result in your skin getting caught in the tweezers. Ouch! Make it float gently on the skin leaving a tiny little gap enough for the hair to get caught and to avoid tugging of the skin. This will take more practice but once you get the hang of it, you will realize that it makes the process much simpler.
  4. Once you have epilated, there will be some amount of redness in your skin. So, be prepared for it. Epilate a day before if you wish to flaunt your skin today. And, epilate in the late evenings so that the amount of irritation your freshly epilated skin undergoes, will be less.
  5. Do not scrub your legs immediately before epilation. Scrubbing will make skin susceptible to pain and redness more. Instead, include scrubbing in your regular beauty routine. Scrub once in two days or as per your skin type and convenience. It helps keeping the skin looking smoother, shinier and prevents in-grown hair.
  6. Do not wash your skin with hot water immediately after epilating. Hot water strips the moisture. When the skin is already irritated, I am not sure if it is a great idea. Use an aloe-vera gel or some similarly soothing cream instead.
  7. Never use a razor immediately after epilating no matter how tempted you are. If you find out that you have left a hair or two by mistake, wait until the redness subsides before using a razor on it. I have done this mistake before and trust me I have regretted doing it big time.
  8. Make sure you have ample time before sitting down for your epilating session.
  9. Epilating hurts. If your hair is not long, it hurts mildly. For that matter even waxing hurts. IMO, any pain about which we have no idea about hurts the most. You can always wrap few ice cubes in a towel and use it on the skin to reduce redness and pain.
  10. Last but not the least; make sure your instrument is clean. Never share the instrument. Use the brush that comes along with the epilator to remove the hair struck and make sure to soak the head in some antiseptic solution. You don’t want any infection to spread right ??

Hope you girls loved this post. Do share with me if you have any other tips..  Happy Epilating…!!

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