14 Oct 2014

Kryolan Liquid Eyeliner in Black - Review, EOTD

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Hope you all are doing great. Professional life has been quite hectic leaving little time to blog. And, these days I prefer to curl up with a book than to sit in front of the computer and write reviews. Anyways, that doesn't influence my love for cosmetics. :D

Today I am going to share my experience with the Kryolan liquid liner which I got recently. These days I prefer using pencil liners for the ease than liquid ones. As my Maybelline liner had dried up, I went and got the kryolan one. 

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Since i am yet to see a “dud” in kryolan’s products, I decided to try it.

Liquid liner from Kryolan is priced at Rs. 400/- for 6 ml.


Kryolan Liquid Eyeliner in Black

You cannot expect a glamorous packing in Kryolan. This liner comes in a functional and fuss-free plastic barrel. It is light weight and transparent. The applicator is again a functional thin brush. It will be little tricky for someone who is new to liquid liners. But for me it is pretty comfortable. It is flexible enough to create that “perfect flick”. And, as it is thin, we can draw both thin and thick lines without much trouble.

Kryolan liquid liner comes with a functional and thin brush applicator

The pigmentation is great and the best thing about this one is that it stays put throughout the day. No kidding.

The formula is not very runny. It is comfortably thick enough to get an opaque line.

Usually when I wear a flicked out line with a liquid liner, no matter how long staying the liner is, the flick tends to fade a little as the day progresses. But with this beauty, there is no fading, peeling or crumbling. It stays put the way you have drawn it throughout the day. 

The liner does not feel stiff or heavy on the lids. 

But yes, though it is water resistant to an extent, if you rub it deliberately, it tends to fade.

It goes opaque in a single coat but for adding up intensity and touching up the areas that I would have missed, I prefer to go once again on the line drawn. It dries up easily and does not look glossy once dry. The finish is matte.

Affordable liquid liners in India, eyeliner, Kryolan

Removal is easy too. I use cotton dipped in coconut oil and this liner comes off so easily.

This liner is available in a range of colors including gold!

On my eyes:

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Indian Beauty Maniac’s Rating

I would not call it a must-have. But if you love using liquid liners, do give it a try as it is much cheaper than some of the decent drug store brands.

Hope you guys loved the review. Do let me know what products should i try next from Kryolan.

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