28 Oct 2014

Some random clicks on a rainy day.

Hey There,

I am not going to lie about how busy I was and how it took toll on my blog. I just got lazy. I have couple of really cool reviews and posts planned up but due to my laziness I keep putting it off.

And finally when I got the mind to blog, it started raining here and, being a sunshine girl, I hated the gloomy weather and decided to hibernate till the next bright day.

I clicked couple of pictures during the rainy days and I decided to share with you guys here. Don’t expect anything great. I am not a photographer. I just clicked these just like that.

Rainy day at chennai

Rainy day at chennai

Flower on a rainy day

random flowers on a rainy day

fly on a rainy day

rainy day

I will soon start being regular to my blog and I am actually testing out couple of great products for you all. 

Till then have fun and enjoy.


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