11 Nov 2014

Memebox #37 Wakeup Makeup Box Unboxing and Mini Review

Hello friends,

I officially joined the memebox fan club! Yup I got my first memebox ie., the #37 wakeup makeup box delivered at my home almost a week back.!

I got not one but SIX full sized products. I was asked to try the skin care boxes but as I am not experimenting much with my skin these days, I decided to give this makeup box a try.

So this is what I got J

Memebox #37 Wakeup Makeup Box Unboxing and review

Memebox #37 Wakeup Makeup Box contents

I got a BB cream, Black and purple Gel liner (with a usable brush), a cream blush, loose eyeshadow, lip gloss with a bonus skin care product cellbydate essence. 

All are full sized and usable. I did not get an bold or weird shades.

I am sooo happy with my box and the gel liner, blush and the dual ended eye pencil are my favorites!  The BB cream is not very light and it looks pretty natural when I set it with my compact.

I have not started to use the essence which is the bonus skin care product I received. But I am sure it will be a hit too!

Let me show you some close up of the gel liner and eyeshadow. The packing is sooo cute. 

Memebox #37 Wakeup Makeup Box, gel liner, cute packing
 Memebox #37 Wakeup Makeup Box glitter pearl powder eyeshadow

The only downside is the customs fee which I had to pay. It was a whopping 1k for a box priced around 1.3-4k.

As it is my first box, I paid the fees and bought it.

I don’t understand the concept or the principle by which they charge the fees. How can it differ from state to state? Obviously customs is not a state legislation. In that case, is the fee levied is at the discretion of the local authority? If so what are the standards/basis they follow in order to “levy” a particular amount to a product.

Due to this customs issue, I won’t be buying anymore meme boxes. That doesn't mean that I am not regretting the purchase. I love it and it is 100% value for your money. And, memebox has one of the best customer care service. They are polite cordial and really want to make the customer happy. 

Before you book your box, make sure to ask other people who are residing in your state about the customs problems. 

Have fun!


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