1 Nov 2014

My (worse) shopping experience from Prettysecrets.com!

Hello friends,

I normally don’t bash anyone on social media. But since I had a very bad experience I decided to share it with you all. Before starting the post I would like to mention that it is not aimed at demeaning their brand name or product quality. I did not get to try their products, so if you like them you can still go ahead and purchase from them.

The Story:

Well, like all the other girls out there, I did a huge online haul during the Diwali offers. I bought from jabong, flipkart, pretty secrets etc. What is wrong in splurging once and a while and pampering ourselves? Harmless right?

Most of the online shopping websites were very vocal about the delay in delivery due to festive rush. Jabong even sent an sms informing that. I was okay with it.

I normally don’t order from websites that don’t have dedicated logistics. Since pretty secrets were running a buy 2 get one free offer and as I really wanted to try their brand, I went ahead and placed my order on 17th October 2014.

On 21st October, I got a seemingly innocent mail informing that my products have been shipped via fedex. The mail contained a fedex customer care number as well.

Since it was Diwali time, I mentally prepared myself for delayed delivery. But when the product had reached Chennai on Saturday, I decided to ring them up asking when it will be delivered.

Since it is my first order with them and as I have the option for working from home, I decided to treat myself to a relaxing one day break when the product arrives. I was not keen on making the security collect it.

They promised me that on Monday my product will get delivered. And besides their promise, the product was in Chennai Guindy office only which is quite near to were I live.

Monday passed, Tuesday and Wednesday passed. I got really upset as I had taken a leave. Whenever I called FEDEX customer care, they were giving these really irresponsible answers which were pretty rude at times too. I felt bad and asked them to give the local office number which obviously no one picked.

Yes i did get bit impatient as there was practically no means to track my package. After few frustrating calls I decided to ask pretty secrets to coordinate with fedex and let me know the status.

The lady from pretty secrets, who spoke to me should be given the snottiest person of the year award. May be she chose the wrong profession or maybe she just had that reason-less hatred for me. She was really rude. Like she is my big sister lending her costly dress. Whatever it was, she was doing a very bad job. All she was interested is was, in giving fake promises and just getting rid of me for the time being.

She called me desperate customer and that was the deal breaker.

Instead of typing it again, I have copy + pasted the extract of email sent by me in cancelling that order below:

Email sent on 29th October 2014:

"Today only because she assured me, i decided to stay at home. And since i did not receive any packages, i called her up again to know what is the status and today, she once again said that i will get my package delivered tomorrow. And when i kept asking and arguing (none of which was in any way disrespectful) she cut my call and when i called again, no one picked. After calling thrice from the same no, i decided to call from another number and viola! my call was attended. My call got cut twice like that and not once, she had the courtesy to call me again. 

The way i am being treated is very disrespectful. The lady tells me that she informed fedex that the customer would not have refused the package because she is already "desperate" for it. 

I felt the way she used "desperate" to be very rude, demeaning and disrespectful. Irrespective of my calls, i have always remained cordial and i have always told that i owe her no ill will. 

I told her to cancel the order and she asked me to mail her a confirmation to that effect and it will take 8 days to get my money back. There was no hint of any pleasantness in her tone. 

I know this mail will be cast aside and none of you really care about how a customer is being treated. It's okay. I am writing this mail just for my sake. 
Rs. 1200 is not a big deal but the emotional and mental trauma caused by your customer care and fedex cannot be measured in terms of money. 

I dont want the order. Kindly cancel it. I don't want the money either. You may kindly give the money to the lady who spoke to me as a late diwali gift from me. I am going to refuse it if it is being delivered today after i send the email. 

Thank you and best of luck."

This email is a typical enraged customer mail but if you see the reply given, you will know that the reply was not a typical sorry customer care mail. It clearly spells out that the lady or pretty secrets cares about maintaining good customer relations.

Reply mail received on the same day: 

Hi Rajalakshmi,

Greetings for the day!
Sincere apologies for the same.
We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Your refund will be processed within 2 working days.
Kindly note it takes 7 working days for the amount to be transferred to your bank account.
Please call us on +91-9820019959 (Mon – Sat, 9 am – 7 pm) if you need any help.


When my friend Nisha and I had the same rude experience at the FACES counter, when we complained, they called Nisha up and apologized to her. Since then, i have made purchases and tried out stuffs from FACES just because they were very much concerned about customer satisfaction.

I am not expecting an apology call from the woman or pretty secrets. But the standard email reply? Isn't it too much?

The lady has deliberately cut my call and had never called back despite the fact that all my calls land only to her (may be she is the only executive working. IDK). There were no mention of that and nothing. Since they have kept so quite about it, it has given me a chance to believe that I was indeed treated badly and they have also acknowledged it.

As I had mentioned, I don’t care about the money. I need respect and if that is not there, I have no intention on dealing with them again.

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Many of my friends i called after the incident are telling me to shop from the other Lingerie site and one blogger has even made a post on her bad experiences with their customer care. 

I know.. I know.. The universe was plotting against me when i placed the order. :D 

Now, from what i have heard and experienced, i conclude that, as long as you don't have a reason to call the customer care, it will be a good experience. But if you have to, then brace yourself ladies, no matter how well respected you are at your work place or home, there are high chances that you might experience this. 

Anyways, have a great weekend. 

PS: I know the root cause of this problem really lies with FEDEX but all i expected was a better and true treatment from prettysecrets. And, once again, this post is just a rant on my personal blog and has no relation to the product quality of prettysecrets products. 

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