14 Dec 2014

Oriflame The One Volume Blast Mascara Review

Mascara’s bring brightness and beauty to my eyes. I am sure many of you would agree with this. I was not keen on this beauty product couple of months ago. But once I started incorporating it in my beauty regime, there is no going back.

Today I am going to review the newly launched Oriflame the one volume blast mascara. I have tried mascaras from many drugstore brands and I always look for the volumizing ones than the lengthening ones.

Read about the mascara and ingredient list here.

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Oriflame’s volume blast mascara comes in a dark maroon pink tube sealed tube with silver lettering.

The wand is thin and long with a plastic spoolie. The spoolie is equipped with thin spiky bristles.

The tube has a restrictor in it and hence every time you pull the wand, the excess product is removed automatically from the sides of the spoolie. Application of the product is easy. 

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The texture of the product is creamy. It is not gooey or sticky. The color is jet black. For those who do not have intense black lashes, this mascara is indeed a blessing.

It retains the curl and does not feel heavy or weigh my lashes down. It feels very light on my lashes throughout the wear time.

It imparts impressive length and not so impressive volume in my lashes. And, as you can see from the Swatch image, it kind of clumps my lashes and does not separate them. It feels more like the Maybelline falsies volume express in this.

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I know many girls who like the mildly clumped effect. And if you are one of those then this is good.

This mascara stays put throughout the day. It is water resistant to an extent but not waterproof. I don’t prefer water proof mascaras for daily wear as removal becomes a hectic task.

This mascara comes off when wiped with a cotton ball soaked in any oil. I use Neutrogena eye makeup remover. While removing, I did not notice any hair fall.

It is priced at Rs. 529/- and can be bought through Oriflame Reps.

More Swatches: 

Oriflame The One Volume Blast Mascara Review and swatch

 Indian Beauty Maniac’s Rating

Oriflame the One Volume Blast Mascara is very good for everyday wear. I just love its jet black intense color. However, i am not a fan of the mildly clumped look it imparts. Do try it if you have very sparse lashes. J

Hope you all loved the review.


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