10 May 2015

From Rangolis to Ratio Analysis – My mum = #MyFirstExpert

If I had to say a special thank you to my mum for helping me out then I should be celebrating Mother’s Day practically every single day in my life.

I am totally dependent on my mum right from the minute I wake up to the time I go to bed.

My dad always makes fun at me saying that I mistake my mum’s selfishness for affection and she just wants to keep me in her control. I am THAT dependent on my mum!

My mum has practiced me into getting used to some crazy and funny habits. Like, every day when she wakes up at 4:00 AM, she sits by my bed and pats me. I always plan to wake up early and that early morning pat hardly helps! Right from my childhood! She does this every day. She does not insist in me waking up early (I love her for that) :D

I always rush. Be it school or work. Morning is not my friend. And every morning my mum helps me so much by feeding me breakfast! I am 26 and yes my mum feeds me breakfast when I am doing my hair or makeup. It is actually helpful but it is not helping me in becoming an independent lady!

Every day of my life is filled with me being embarrassingly dependent on my mum for every single thing. I don’t even know where my bike’s key is! See how evil she is? 

Same case in my education too. She is the one who asks me to study and follows up with me in completing my portions. I am currently pursuing an MBL programme and yes she is the one who checks the time table and starts planning so that I can just simply start studying the chapters she had planned on the specified days to finish the syllabus. ! L I am also working so it gives me an excuse to cover up my incompetence in not being able to handle my choices by myself!

Evilness apart, she is a great cook and my personal stylist. Not even once, she has insisted me on getting married just because my relatives ask her about it. Not even once she has judged my choices and criticized me for them. She just sits by my side and explains the different aspects of my choices and lets me take my own decision!

She is the best combination of Indian Tradition and Modern thinking. Now as I have grown, she has become more like a part of me than a separate person. A part of me, without which, my life will be extremely dysfunctional.

She is my first friend, sister, mentor, critic, fan and the best of all, a part of me!

I am sure you all will be having a similar part of you, without which you will never be complete! Let me know about your lovely mum in the comments section. This is a special day! Let’s celebrate it by sharing about our beautiful mothers J

Happy Mother's Day!


Written as a part of #MyFirstExpert Campaign by Indiblogger and Godrej Expert - Rich Creme Hair color 

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