11 May 2015

Saving money at Fashionara and Forever21

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Being a beauty maniac, shopping is inevitable. Chennai’s hottest season is here and visiting shops has now become more of a punishment. But what can I do to soothe my shopaholic soul? That’s where online shopping comes to my rescue. I can sit in the comfort of my home; in my comfortable clothing with no makeup on; no matter how hideous I look, I can just browse through the stuffs and pick the one I love the most. Ha.. Not to mention those over pushy SA’s.!

These days my favorite online shopping destinations in India include Forever21 and Fashionara.

I remember rushing to Forever21 and buying some cute stuff for my cousin and an eye makeup brush kit some time back. They are known for affordable fashion.

I love their cute printed beauty accessories like tweezers and mirrors. Aren’t they super cute? I hardly use pocket mirrors to fix my makeup on the go but I just couldn’t resist these pretty prints and succumbed to buying couple of these.

Saving money at Fashionara and Forever21
Saving Money at Forever21
And you know what? I got them for less using the Forever21 coupons at Happycheckout. Just happened to stumble on the site and look for coupons. I did find many store coupons there; the best part is that the coupons worked unlike most other coupon sites.

Check out these super cute studs!

Floral Fantasy Stud Set, Forever 21, Forever 21 in India
Forever21 Floral Fantasy Stud Set!

 And not to mention these absolutely adorable tweezers!

Forever 21, Forever 21 in India, Tweezers
Forever21 Polka Dot Tweezer Duo

I love the collection of handbags Fashionara has! They are one of the best destinations for buying affordable handbags online in India. They are super cool and there is one for everyone’s pocket!

Aren’t these bags perfect for summers?

Bright Summer bags, Summer accessories, Bright Bags,
Cute Summer Bags from Fashionara!
Every time I visit these sites, no matter how hard I try, I just end up going overboard my budget. And that’s where site like happycheckout.in comes to my rescue! I again got fantastic discounts using the Fashionara coupons from Happycheckout.

Who doesn’t love getting cool deals and that too without having to ask and bargain with them? I am not good at bargaining. I am one person who gets mocked at by friends for being such a lousy buyer. And for people like me, such sites are a great blessing.

HappyCheckout Home Page - Yup! Its THAT simple!
If you take a look at happycheckout’s home page, you’d understand how simple searching for coupons and deals has become. It is as simple as searching for a product online in Google!  No you don’t have to go through the whole sign in/sign up process to get your deals.

Jabong Coupons!

Just type the name of the store and the available deals get listed on a new screen. Now all you have to do is pick what suits you the best! It just can’t get any simpler than this!

HappyCheckout is one site which ensures what their name says!

Indian Beauty Maniac’s Rating 

Highly recommended! 

* All the images are screenshots taken from Forever21, Fashionara and Happy Checkout websites. Indian Beauty Maniac does not own any of the images!

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