12 Jul 2015

A Simple and Happy Weekend!

Don’t we all treasure the moment when we happen to chance upon something with no expectations and it turns out to be the best? Today was one such day where I chanced upon this great movie, a pleasant restaurant and some really cute stuffs. 

Shambhavi restaurant, Chennai, Food Guide, Healthy food in chennai, Bahubali review
A Happy Weekend Story
I went to this restaurant by Isha Foundation in Mylapore called Shambhavi. It was a calm place tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city while staying in a great and easily accessible location! They had lots of healthy options in their menu like wheat thali, koozh (an extremely nutritious porridge) etc and I am sure it will be a heaven for people who love to tingle their taste buds whilst keeping their options healthy!

The restaurant also houses some lifestyle goods from the Isha Foundation. From Kurthas to curios, they had some really interesting products for sale. I had already picked up this cute pocket note book and these interesting pencil set before mentally restraining me from splurging too much!

Shambhavi restaurant, Chennai, Food Guide, Healthy food in chennai, Bahubali review
Goodies i got this weekend 

Shambhavi restaurant, Chennai, Food Guide, Healthy food in chennai, Bahubali review
Isn't this note super cute? 
Today i also tried this super khol from chambor! It stayed put throughout the day and I wonder why not many people have spoken about it. It is extremely creamy and well pigmented. I guess I found an alternative to the Lakme Absolute Khol! Detailed review will be up soon.

The Lunch:

Shambhavi restaurant, Chennai, Food Guide, Healthy food in chennai, Bahubali review
The Lunch Thali at Shambhavi restaurant

At the Shop:

At the Shambhavi restaurant - Loved these storage boxes!
Before the lunch expedition, I watched the most talked about movie - Bahubali! I asked my friends for their views before watching the movie. There were mixed opinions so I got confused and decided to risk my time and check it out myself. I personally found the movie to be fabulous. It was an out of the world experience. The captivating grandeur of the past never fails to interest me.

I am not going into the details here (sorry no spoilers!) but I found the casting to be perfect. Not one person looked out of place. The one played by Sathyaraj ji was too good. I have seen lot of Sathyaraj ji’s performances in the past and his performance in this movie will be something worth remembering. All the actors have put in commendable effort.

It was a great change from watching the routine rowdy guy trying to woo a rich girl types.
Yes I did find certain scenes to be not-so-relevant. But at the end of the day, it is an Indian movie and certain event like an item number, for example, is a necessary evil. :D

Graphics at certain areas looked obvious but for me, it was not a big deal. If you love watching period movies and experience that out of the world feel that comes with it, this movie is a must watch. But if you are someone who keeps murmuring “how can a guy jump from here to there/how can Rana stop a wild bull” etc pleaseeeeee… don’t watch this movie. It is not meant for (extremely) realistic people who love to ruin the bliss of believing in fantasies. 

My weekend was fulfilling and fabulous. Hope you girls had a great weekend too. Did you watch Bahubali? How did you find the movie? Let me know in the comments below! :D


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