9 Oct 2015

10 Facts You Did Not Know About Your Deodorant

No one would like to hear that he/she smells bad. A lot of perfumes and deodorants are available in the market as a solution to this to an extent. In fact, a lot of brands have emerged with this perspective that people are looking out for good products irrespective of the price.

When it comes to daily usage, deodorants are a better companion than the perfumes. It is because the good smell of the perfumes does not stay longer on you while the deodorants that are sprayed directly to your body makes you feel fresh even for a longer period of time. But, have you tried to realize or know what exactly these sprayed chemicals do on our body? I bet many of us are just satisfied with the good smell that comes out from us.

Apart from the smell, there are some others facts about these deodorants that you must not know or did not realize. Check out 10 such facts about deodorants that will make you realize a lot more on that bottle of liquid you carry all day long with you…

Deodorant Kills Bacteria!

Is it so? This will be your quick reaction. Yes! These deodorants help in killing the bacteria in your body. The fact is that our sweat does not have any smell and the bad smell that you get is rather because the sweat gets mixed up with your body.

It is said that deodorants contain some antibacterial power which helps in stopping the stinking smell even before it starts, while antiperspirants deal with sweat directly.

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Deodorants Do Not Stop Sweating

Oh God! I was so wrong with this fact! I could have saved a lot of money if I had known this before. This will be probably your ultimate reaction when you read. None of the deodorants help in preventing or stopping sweating. Instead, the all-day protection that is labeled is something they boast of! Really?

Deodorants Have No Gender

Now, let’s be clear in this matter. Most of the deo’s available in the market are labeled as ‘for men’, ‘for women’ etc. But in actual, the ingredients in both are just the same. The only difference lies in the packing and the fragrance of the product.

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Everybody Does Not Need Deos

Now do not be stunned reading this fact. It is very true. The way those deo and perfume companies make us feel how bad we smell will definitely make us awkward that finally we land up in buying stuffs for which we pay a good ransom.

It is said that some people do not smell at all. And you can really find out how bad you smell by looking at your ear wax! Huh?

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Yellow Stains Are A Mystery

Most of us face this problem. Our armpit sweats badly and ultimately we get yellow stains on our dresses as big rounds of patches. We believed all these years that these stains were caused due to our sweat which is wrong! Even the makers of these deos do not know how these yellow stains appear.

One Can Become Immune To Deo

Due to the constant use, it is likely that a person can become immune to deo. So, it is better if you try different deos in every three months. Yes, you can get addicted to deo’s, so better late than never by changing your brand.

Deodorants Can Act As Sanitizer

You read it right folks. Deodorants can act as a sanitizer. It contains little amount of alcohol that can kill the bacteria. Similarly, you hand sanitizer can act as a deo!

Deo’s Can Fight Against Foot Odour

Worried about the stinky smell your foot has? No issues, just spray a little of your doe on your foot and leave it overnight. Your foot will start smelling good.

Traditional Deo’s Cause Diseases

The constant use of certain traditional deo’s can cause diseases like skin cancer and even Alzheimers.

Deo’s Are Not Too Safe!

Now this fact is a bit scary. it has been revealed that out of the 10,500 ingredients used for making deo’s and perfumes, only 11% of the total have been tested for safety. What about the rest? 

Did you enjoy reading about these facts? Did i miss anything out? Do feel free to share your views in the comments below!

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