9 Nov 2015

My Experience with the Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Detangling Brush!

Hi girls,

I am back. There has been a lot going on my life lately that blogging was not even on my to do list. Now that things are slowly getting back to normal, I thought I would do a quick review. If you have been following me on instagram, you would have known that I was a fan of this fancy brush. I got one pocket version long time back and when I found that to be quite good, I picked their salon elite version too (Priced at Rs. 900-1000 Range). But that was when I had medium length hair (by Indian standards) and now I have quite long hair and my opinion of the product has changed.

Read on to know more….

A small intro about my hair type and length:

I got my hair smoothened two years ago and my natural hair is wavy and dry. Now my hair is slowly returning to its original texture and when I got introduced to this product almost an year ago, my hair was starting to grow out and the ends were getting really frizzy and were prone to tangles. At this point, my hair was up to my waist and day by day it was getting tremendously difficult for me to de-tangle my hair. Since majority of my hair was still holding on to that smoothened effect, the detangling lotions were making my hair look greasy and limp. It was then I decided to splurge on this brush to see what the hype is all about. 

Now off to the review!

I got the original version first and at that point of time, it revolutionized my entire detangling session. The brushes are positioned in such a way that they detangled my hair in a single stroke but without pulling at them and thus reducing damage or worsening the tangles. When used along with a blow dryer the results I got were salon like and my hair felt like a million bucks! I had since recommended this product to every single friend of mine who complained about the time taken to de-tangle the hair.

But after a year, keeping my upcoming engagement and marriage in mind, I decided to grow my hair further so that the stylist will be able to do all those complicated Indian Bridal dos. My hair is now a little past my hip. But due to stress my hair became brittle and was falling from the roots. I was very much concerned about this and started wearing it in loose braids to keep them from getting exposed to sun, dirt and other external triggers which would worsen the condition.

It was at that time I purchased the salon elite version. But this time, unlike my earlier experience, the product failed to impress me. The bristles of the brush could not cope with my coarse hair and started bending. And I started noticing more hair fall when I used the salon elite brush. I am not saying that the salon elite caused my hair fall but if you are going through such a phase where you are experiencing hair fall, please stay away from this brush. It just keeps pulling the hair from the roots. 

A close up view of the bristles. The image to the left was taken when the product was a week old and the image to the right depicts the current situation.

I stopped using it and got this Vega hair detangling comb priced at a modest Rs. 59/-. I find it more gentle and perfect than the salon elite tangle teezer. 

My Vega Detangling Comb:

I have mixed opinion on the Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Version. I prefer the original one and now, considering my hair texture, i prefer the Rs. 59/- vega comb even more! 

Tangle Teezer was good when I had shorter and more manageable hair but for my long hair coarse hair, I don’t like it. 

Hope you girls loved my review. Do share your views on the Tangle Teezer in the comment section!

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