29 Mar 2017

Skingene.in – A revolutionary concept in Skin Care.

Skingene, online shopping portal, Skin Care , Online Skin Care, Indian Beauty Blogger
Hello friends,

Few weeks ago, I got introduced to an online skin care & shopping portal named skingene. It is not just another online shopping portal. The services they provide and the products they sell make them stand out from the crowd of other online portals who specialize in beauty & makeup.

Skingene™ Kit:-

They offer a specialized kit for people who are at their wits end in figuring out their skin care. When I was starting to realize the importance of specialized skin care to suit my combination skin, I had no other option but to try try and try. I would have spent around 15000-20000 all these years trying to find ‘the perfect’ product that did not disturb my skin and did something good. If I had personally come across such a kit earlier, I am sure I would have spent the money on something more productive.

What is Skingene™ Kit and what does it do?

Skingene™ is a genetic test kit that you can order through their website. Once the kit is delivered at your home, all you have to do is follow the instructions mentioned in the kit (which will involve taking a swab of your inside cheek) and resend the completed kit along with the swabs back to them. They will analyze your exact skin condition and will suggest products that will perfectly suit your skin. No trial and error anymore.

About the Kit in their own words:

Skingene™ is an advanced DNA technology that examines your genes associated with skin ageing and beauty. It is a one-time test that scientifically creates a personalized skincare guide specifically tailored for you. The 5 categories that we check connected to skin ageing are:

Firmness + Elasticity
Is your skin susceptible to sagging?
Are you at risk of premature wrinkles?
Sun Damage + Pigmentation
How well are you intrinsically protected from the sun and dark spots?
Free Radical Damage
Is your skin prone to acne?
Sensitivity + Inflammation
How well are your genes protecting you against irritation and pollutants?
Let SkinGene take the guesswork out of skin care, instead using science to identify the most suitable personalized skincare regime – based on your genes.

About the Company:

Mr. Yashvardhan Shrivastav is the Founder & CEO of Skingene. In their words, “Skingene™ is at the forefront in India for assessing genetic predisposition to skin ageing issues. Arising out of an individual’s unique genetic makeup, we offer a personalized skin treatment guide specifically tailored for you. Skingene is a product of Genesis Biogen. We are a genetic testing company that provides actionable health information in our endeavour to enable people improve their lives. We offer Pregnancy prep scan, Preventable cancer scan and CancerPlex as well.

You can read more about them here.

How do I order the kit and what do I get along with it?

As I had mentioned earlier, you can order the kit through their website. It is priced at
Rs. 8,999/- and for the money you pay, this is what you will get:

Free shipment and sample pick up
Test report in 14 days
Personalized product recommendations
Personalized nutrition recommendations
Personalized treatment recommendations
1 Free personalised consulting session

You can read more about the kit here

About their Skin Shop:

They are not just about testing and recommendations. They have a segment called as skinshop in their website which happens to be one of the most surprising online shopping portals any beauty or makeup lover from India would have ever seen. They house almost all international brands like benefit, bioderma, glominerals, glamglow, urban decay etc to name a few.

The pricing which is in INR is surprisingly modest and they ship the product directly from the seller so you are not left with worrying about the manufacturing date, authenticity etc. While browsing their skin shop, I couldn’t stop myself from ordering the Urban Decay Perversion eyeliner which was in my wish list for so long. I was skeptical in ordering it through amazon or some instagram sellers. I placed my order on March 13, 2017 and the product was shipped through IndiaPost from the seller’s place to India. 

I paid INR. 1876/- for my Urban Decay Eyeliner and INR. 734.40/- for the Intense Therapy Lip Balm. I did not pay anything extra towards shipping or taxes. 

When I received my IndiaPost tracking details in email, I was quite heartbroken considering my earlier unhappy association with IndiaPost involving international packages. They tend to charge additional customs fee and the packaging will look as if an elephant stomped all over it. But once the parcel reached India, I got a mail stating that FedEx has received the package and will be delivered using their overnight delivery. Thank God.

I received the products in good condition and without the messy outer packing.  Though the waiting period was around 15 days, I found it reasonable when compared to the shipping offered by other international shopping portals and quite hassle free considering the fact that there won’t be any surprises in the form of additional customs fee, taxes etc.

Some Images of what i bought:- 

Skingene, online shopping portal, Skin Care , Online Skin Care, Indian Beauty Blogger, Skin Shop
Purchases at Skingene

Skingene, online shopping portal, Skin Care , Online Skin Care, Indian Beauty Blogger
Purchases at Skingene
Due to my current health condition trying out the skingene test wont be beneficial. So I guess I have to wait for a few more months to give it a try which I am totally going to do.

I totally recommend this website to you all and do take a look. I am sure you wont be disappointed. 

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